Automate Your Analytics.

Nousot is an end-to-end platform for foundational data science work. Our platform is accurate, simple to work with, and always learning.


Complete solution

Nousot provides a clean end-to-end solution that does not require any effort from your team beyond providing historical data.The Brain cleans the data, integrates external data that it collects autonomously, builds predictions, validates and assesses, selects a final prediction, runs a driver analysis, and outputs results to an easy-to-use dashboard along with key insights generated by the Brain.

constantly learning

Our Brain delivers accurate and improving predictions for any data series across sales, marketing, demand, call traffic, etc. Leveraging state of the art deep learning, our proprietary Brain is constantly making predictions and changing its models by learning from past errors.

We build modelers not models

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” – Henry Ford


Global Pulse

Nousot ingests and analyzes over 32K external data points covering economic, political industry/trade, weather, sentiment, Internet traffic/search. Our coverage is growing. Our Brain is always training on what is ingested.


Identifying inflection points such as cyclicality, spikes, and key risks are as important as the model itself. Nousot provides an intelligence platform – Analyzer – delivering the key drivers impacting your models.

dynamic Modeling

The Brain detects significant shifts due to internal decisions and/or external factors. It adjusts and rebuilds itself every period learning from its mistakes, ensuring optimal models with no incremental effort from your team.

Driver Analysis

The brain identifies the effects and direction of external variables and any internal data you provide. Each driver is assessed based on its impact to your business as well as to all other drivers.

Scenario Builder

Businesses need to plan for contingencies and expect the unexpected. Scenario Builder allows you to visualize how a multitude of changing factors (internal and external) could impact your business.


All of the Brain’s output are provided on our easy-to-use, cloud-based dashboards. You may also download all the raw data for additional analysis.