W​e are Nousot, your predictive analytics team and technology in one.

We meet you where you are and improve the intelligence you rely on for decision making.

We are data scientists, engineers, computer scientists, mathematicians, and consultants on a mission to bring modern predictive analytics to any organization that wants them.


Here’s how it all started.

Back in 2015 we were building multi-year, enterprise analytics solutions for some of the world’s best known brands.

We were getting frustrated, and honestly, kind of bored. Prepping data, running calculations, and manually updating everything monopolized our time and started from ground zero with every project.

With the availability of compute power, storage, and neural networks, we knew we could take a shot at handing these tasks to AI. Our vision was—and still is—to help clients actually use their data rather than chase after it.

So we built a machine.

Specifically a forecasting engine on a deep-learning net, with some upgrades: first, its own cache of public data feeds, because we wanted our forecasts to come with ready-to-use knowledge of the world’s moving data.

Then we added genetic algorithms so that only the fittest models survived each update loop.

It was a living, learning brain, and out of the gate, it generated forecasts typically as accurate as those produced with traditional methods—but in a couple of days rather than weeks or months. Model accuracy jumped with each automatic refresh.

Model drivers were another story. Actually they were lots of stories – our machine surfaced plenty of spurious correlations before identifying true drivers. They taught us the importance of taming AI with domain expertise and proven mathematical methods.

And we made it official.

We called our software Nousot (pronounced “new-sought”), a combination of “nous” (Greek for “intelligence” or “the higher mind”) and “ot” (borrowed from “robot”). Nousot was an intelligent robot—and it became not only a product but a company.

Then the real work began.

Right as the subject of AI was skyrocketing to public consciousness, and thinkpieces everywhere were debating its magic and danger, we were immersed in the day-to-day reality of AI—and it wasn’t particularly magical or dangerous. We learned that it excelled at the core steps of data science. We also learned that it simply could not beat humans at creating strategies for its use, or cleaning data for its networks, or discerning insight from its results.

That’s why Nousot is a blended software and services company. AI-powered data science technology is in our DNA—but it’s only one of the assets we apply to every analytics project.

Our journey since then …

We’ve honed our predictive analytics techniques

to quickly build forecast, propensity, segmentation, and natural language processing models that help answer most business questions today.

We’ve grown our data cache exponentially

GlobalPulse​ is now 110,000+ data elements strong.

We’ve built products

that solve the m​arket​, demand,​ p​ricing​, and ​financial analytics challenges faced by most companies in some form or fashion.

And we’ve evolved

our services​ to create an elegant human/machine partnership that we bring to every client.

Our Culture

We care about:

Empowering you

Your company exists in the data economy. You should be able to participate in it. We make predictive analytics accessible, no matter your size or starting point.

Your previous investments

Most companies have taken a few spins around the analytics block. You have tools, data sources, and people for this. We protect your investments by leveraging them, not starting from scratch.


AI-powered analytics are not an out-of-the-box plugin. We fit them to your business goals, internal data, processes, and teams.


We are pragmatic and direct about what you can achieve with AI and predictive analytics. We execute on that vision, or we make it right.


Your end goal is not “digital transformation” or a “data culture.” Those are merely enablers to the real end goal: the ability to make rapid business decisions that create growth and minimize risk. We deliver predictive analytics as a means to that end.


We’re not about selling something. We’re about putting something both useful and usable into the world. We believe that more worthwhile and lasting results are generated with this perspective.

Our Team

photo of John Papadia | Founder & CEO | Nousot

John Papadia

Founder and President

photo of Jim Urhausen | Founder & COO | Nousot

Jim Urhausen

Founder and COO

photo of Ben Ogarek | CTO | Nousot

Ben Ogorek

CTO and Chief Data Scientist

Daragh Fitzpatrick

Client Delivery Lead

Benn Myers

Analytics Services Lead

photo of Mahyar Moghadam | Senior Data Scientist | Nousot

Mahyar Moghadam

Senior Data Scientist

photo of Benito Santoro | Senior Practitioner | Nousot

Benito Santoro

Data Visualization Lead

photo of Clark Alexander| Nousot

Clark Alexander

Data Scientist

photo of Zeynep Abat | Nousot

Zeynep Abat

Software Engineer

photo of Melanie Hendrix | Nousot

Melanie Hendrix

Director, Marketing

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