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Whatever your industry or focus, Nousot instantly goes to work for you. Now you can allocate your scarce data science resources to the mission critical activities they’re trained for, letting Nousot handle (and supercharge) the day-to-day analytics.

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Our Products

Enterprise Forecasting

Anticipate the type and degree of impacts across your organization so you can proactively adjust operations to withstand change - and even thrive in it.

Customer Flow Forecasting

Know your current, potential, and at-risk customers and understand their journeys, so you can design products and services to meet them - and keep them - at each step along the way.

Investment Portfolio Tracker

Predict every nuance in the performance of your assets, and forecast key performance indicators for any company or industry, so you can build, diversify, and protect your portfolio.


Pinpoint and predict clusters and their behavior under a myriad of circumstances in any field of industry or study, so you can innovate treatments, protocols, programs, campaigns, offers, or anything else that serves your customers.

In any industry, Nousot delivers elegant models within weeks of initial startup, and accurate predictions within days of each new data set. We also offer dashboards and algorithms tailored to particular industries, including:

  • Property & Casualty
  • Investment Funds
  • Manufacturing

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