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Automate Your

Nousot delivers managed analytics as a service so you can run your business with the always-current answers you need

Meet our products

They use the power of machine learning to help you find your blind spots and create the growth you know is possible

Market Potential

Identify and rank the geographic markets you haven’t discovered yet.

Demand Forecasting

Predict how your products will be used, and by what types of customers, so you can shape and offer them more precisely.

Pricing Optimization

Price products dynamically to match competitor actions and consumer expectations in real time.

Financial Analytics

Increase member or customer retention, identify default risk, improve cross-sell and conversion, and grow your portfolios.


110k+ macroeconomic data sets that dramatically augment your data, built into all our products.

Custom Analytics

Solve your unique analytics challenges with an automated machine learning solution tailored just for you.

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Who we help

​In most companies, the proliferation of data has created more work than value and more questions than answers. We’re flipping that.

Leaders and managers

Get the intelligence you need in order to make smart decisions fast, and stop spending time and effort piecing together the clues.

Data Scientists

Minimize the repetitive manual tasks that consume most of your time, and focus on the deeper-dive analysis you’re trained for.

Business users

Explore and analyze information with self-service access, and produce timely insights
for your stakeholders.


Slash your backlog. Nousot can alleviate the need for many of the requests you’re juggling, fields you’re adding, data you’re validating, and integrations you’re managing.


Level the playing field. There are a lot of differences between you and your competitors, but now predictive analytics isn’t one of them.


Multiply the number of predictive models you can deploy and maintain, and bring your use cases out of the queue and into production.

Why Nousot?

Because you need predictive intelligence that you can act on now, not months or a year from now. Nousot takes you from zero to forward-facing knowledge in a matter of weeks.

Define the use case

We align your analytics to your business goals so you get real value, not an academic exercise.

Gather and prep all the data

We use what you already have, and transform your siloed spreadsheets into a clean, comprehensive pipeline.

Build your analytics

We develop predictive models that run autonomously. They produce results in about a day and update them in minutes, with little effort from your team.

Put the results into production

We deliver proofs-of-concept quickly, so you can pilot them at low risk and adopt them iteratively.

What’s a “Nousot”?

​Start acting on predictive knowledge instead of waiting for it.