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Nousot builds data and analytics solutions to help companies anticipate what’s next.

Nousot helps clients leverage their company data to its highest potential, generating insights that fuel faster, more confident decision-making and bring desired business outcomes within reach.



Our team guides industry leaders through the implementation of groundbreaking data solutions. We’re your analytics experts and your trusted advisors from start to finish, working together to help demystify your data and turn it into your company’s greatest asset.

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Nousot is a true end-to-end partner. From strategy to build, to enablement and then run, to continued education and optimization, we offer a full suite of services and solutions to help you solve your biggest business challenges.

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“It’s exceptionally rare to find a group (Nousot) of likeminded people, let alone an entire firm, this passionately dedicated to blazing new trails through data and analytics. There’s a lot of concentrated horsepower.”

Kyle Marynowski

“What makes Nousot unique is our shared mission to automate data platforms and analyses. We move quickly, focus on automation, and aren’t afraid to take on new challenges with the full support of the team. We are always building to better ourselves and those with whom we work, incorporating the best ideas from everyone.”

Chris Gillespie

“Nousot specializes in data and analytics so we’re rarely starting our work from scratch and have a library of resources from past projects to lean on for support.”

Vince Walsh

“If you want data treated as an asset, speak with Nousot to change the trajectory of your business.”

Kyle Marynowski

“Nousot offers dedication, quality work, and a genial attitude. We strive to be true partners with our clients, delivering the expertise and determination to accomplish their goals.”

Chris Gillespie


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