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Nousot builds predictive and descriptive models on its own, and updates them without human intervention. It’s always on, always learning, and always delivering intelligence to your business.

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Nousot automates core data science work. It is not a tool for modelers. It is the modeler.

Nousot is a new breed of solution for business analytics. It is SaaS that delivers accurate models in days - even hours - and reveals the drivers and trends behind them.

It also updates models around the clock, improving their accuracy over time using deep learning and a built-in, massive data ingestion engine.

Now your organization can increase the pace of its learning and decision-making - with no new hires or capital investments.

How It Works

Your Data

All you do is provide it. Nousot requires no minimum volumes or history, and handles all the security, collection, and prep.

Our Modelers

Proprietary algorithms harness vast external data, combine it with yours, identify the patterns, and then build and refresh models continuously.

Our Predictions

Accuracy immediately equals, and then quickly exceeds, that of traditionally-developed models - in a fraction of the time and cost.

Key Features


Nousot's cache of external data factored into every model, including more than 93K data sets from nearly all sectors of the economy, industry, environment, government, and media.


Intelligence that includes each model's drivers and their influence, plus the ability to explore and interact with them so that you can test and interpret all results.

Dynamic Modeling

Continuous model rebuilding in every cycle to incorporate new data and the shifts it causes, automatically refreshing each model so you don't have to.

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