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Derived from the Greek word meaning “mind” or “intellect”


as in “robot”


is an instance of automated intelligence

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Nousot believes building the most transformative, efficient, and sustainable data and analytics solutions is a collaborative effort, so we encourage client involvement from day one. Through honest conversation, we become trusted partners and advisors to our clients, continually refining our solutions to suit their evolving needs.

Prior to starting Nousot, our founders spent over a decade guiding some of the world’s largest companies to become early adopters of data and analytics. Now, they bring their hard-won wisdom and experience to Nousot. With an increasingly diversified portfolio of clients, our ever-growing team helps companies of all sizes—from Fortune 500 to mid-sized startups—introduce groundbreaking data solutions.

Building better data and analytics solutions first requires the audacity to envision what better looks like. It takes humility and a genuine experimental mindset to listen, learn from every setback, and apply those lessons. And most of all, it takes passion—passion to dive in and put in the work, knowing methodical persistence is the path to our greatest discoveries. This is the kind of people we are—bold, thoughtful, and endlessly curious.

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Jim Urhausen

Chief People Officer

Caitlin Tracey

Chief Financial Officer

Dennis Baginski

Chief Growth Officer

Kevan Jedlowski

EVP Professional Services

Anna Quillen

Chief Technology Officer

Michael Shaw

Practice Director, Sales & Marketing

Benn Myers

Practice Director, Sustainability

Giacomo Listi


Chris Mahany

Product Director

Alex Wiss-Wolferding

Data Science Director

Mahyar Moghadam

Data Engineering Director

Jay Goebel

Solution Architecture Director

Frank Partica

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The Cognition Group Fremont Solution Group


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