What is Automated Intelligence?

Predictive analytics built right into your workflow, with easy access, clean pipelines, continual updates, and no new hires.

The promise of big data was that it would allow you to know more. Instead it forces you to do more.

Wrangling data consumes the time and talent that you could better spend ​applying data—to fine-tuning operations, understanding customers, meeting demand, and staying ahead of market shifts.

Automated intelligence from Nousot is a new paradigm.

Automated intelligence delivers answers for you to use, not more data for you to manipulate.

  • It enables your teams to be innovators, not spreadsheet servants.
  • It uses your existing data investments, not new ones.
  • It runs in the background, not as a cost center.
  • It equips you to compete facing forward, not scramble looking backward.

Automated intelligence means you can trade data science as a high-effort exercise for data science as a high-value service.

Our Approach to Automated Intelligence

Nousot is a complete predictive-analytics-as-a-service platform.

We help you make faster, better decisions for your business in two ways:

We automate the predictive modeling process​ to the fullest extent possible today using artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, and data engineering technologies.

We supply the expert data analytics services ​to help you plan, visualize, and operationalize your predictive models, plus build or enhance your entire data program.

Nousot provides everything you need to get the hidden value out of your data and use it to compete:

Predictive Analytics Products

Many business challenges are universal—whatever your industry, you’re solving them over and over again. Nousot ​Market Potential,​ Demand Forecasting,​ ​Pricing Optimization,​ and F​inancial Analytics​ products tackle some of these for you.

Our people are experts in data, with specialties spanning the full data lifecycle and a variety of industry verticals. We know the resources your data is monopolizing right now, and our singular mission is to help.

Successful predictive analytics require alignment to your business goals, culture, and resources. Our professional services ensure that alignment.

Nousot designs and builds your predictive models, validates their performance, and helps integrate them with your current business processes.

We’ll also partner with you to build the foundational, cross-functional, and strategic data capabilities you need in order to treat your data as a business asset going forward.

Benefits of Automated Intelligence

Start seeing immediate value from your data, without capital investments or enterprise-level engagements.

​Nousot can bring these product benefits to life at your organization.

“​Many people are busy trying to find better ways of doing things that should not have to be done at all.”
—Henry Ford

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