We’ve Expanded Our Leadership Team

June 17, 2020

Meet Ben Ogorek, Nousot’s Chief Technology Officer, Head of Data Science, and Newest Visionary.

In 2019 as we were heads-down in honing our machine learning engines, building custom data pipelines, and tailoring predictive analytics for our clients, Ben Ogorek joined us as a data scientist.

With a Ph.D. in statistics, a specialty in quality control, a commitment to reproducibility, and analytics experience from Google, CUNA Mutual, Nationwide, and others in the Fortune 500, Ben immediately made an impact. His talent with data science fundamentals and his insistence on impeccable solution components don’t confine him to behind-the-scenes contributions, which is often the case with similarly-focused professionals. Rather, Ben uses quality as a spark that ignites a much larger vision.

“It sounds dry, but procedures that help us build the highest quality products and services also help us provide amazing capabilities to clients,” Ben says. “Clients truly can have real time feedback on important parts of their business, like which customers are likely to leave, where they can find their next customers, what their inventory is in other zip codes. They can have insights shipped to them in an automated fashion.”

As Ben continued to cast a compelling vision for automated intelligence while building models, delivering projects, and establishing a rapport with client execs as well as end users, we knew he was the guy to lead Nousot’s advancement and investment in technology. This month we’re excited to formally announce his appointment to the dual role of CTO and Head of Data Science.

“Nousot introduced automated intelligence to the market as a lean and nimble organization,” Ben says. “We will maintain that agility, but now our data science, technology, and consulting resources will combine into a larger Nousot. It will be a collaborative, creative, and rigorous culture that delivers a fully automated, innovative product that also completes all the quality checkboxes.”

Read the full press release announcing Ben’s leadership role at Nousot here.


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