Data Engineer

Location: Chicago, IL

Be a major player in building data science projects with the most advanced technology today, at a company where you’ll test new theories, make contributions that matter, and directly reap the benefits of the results you produce. Data engineering is the main competency required, but we’ll need you to keep your predictive modeling skills sharp. The overall goal is to help your team deliver meaningful predictive results for clients who want to compete with data.

What We Do:

We use automated machine learning techniques to solve data science problems. As a blended software/service company, we develop reusable pipelines and frameworks that allow us to quickly solve a variety of analytical problems. The work is fast-paced and ever changing. The solutions we’ve built include dynamic pricing, demand forecasting, market penetration estimates, and data-backed lead lists for marketing campaigns.

We Have:

  • Awesome clients: both big tech giants and hungry smaller companies
  • Accelerator applications built on top of TensorFlow
  • A team of accomplished data scientists who love building things

You Have:

  • A passion for data engineering and analytics
  • Knowledge of data architecture best practices
  • Extensive experience organizing and cleaning complex data
  • Basic understanding of software engineering principles

You May Have:

  • A Github profile with personal projects and explorations
  • Articles, posts, or papers on data science topics
  • Research publications

Data Engineer Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with data scientists to create clean, reliable data pipelines.
  • Work with clients to understand their data, its sources, its uses, and its end users.
  • Help our team take client data, fill gaps, and engineer new features that are helpful for modeling.
  • Help analyze and improve results to deliver the best products possible.

Why Work Here:

  • Make an impact: Nousot is a small, dynamic team with a flat hierarchy. Every employee makes an impact in product development, company culture, and strategic direction.
  • Flexible time off: The important thing is not the hours worked – it’s that the job gets done. Nousot offers a flexible, unlimited vacation policy.
  • Interesting work: With a wide range of clients and challenges, you’ll be exposed to a current, compelling array of modeling problems and techniques.

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