Demand Forecasting

Get and stay prepared for demand volatility by better understanding and predicting the use of your products

The ability to anticipate demand might be the ground zero of all other business capabilities.

Creating customer experiences, targeting offers, minimizing costs—they all start with demand forecasting.

Traditional statistical methods, even on modern, cloud platforms, look to the past to predict demand. This is fine for stable environments, but stability is eroding in most industries.

Nousot Demand Forecasting is different. It studies current data and trends to deliver constantly updated intelligence on how you can expect your products to perform.

Now you can design, offer, and change products with more precision and less risk.

How It Works

Nousot Demand Forecasting produces a custom predictive model for the products you need to tailor and target more accurately. Here’s what it does:

Product Benefits

Nousot Demand Forecasting

360° view included

Nousot produces a comprehensive demand forecast by looking at history and augmenting it with thousands of external variables—most updated monthly—around consumer behaviors, market trends, sales of similar products, supply chains, technology activity, environmental changes, and other data.

Improved product development and ROI

Nousot Demand Forecasting predicts a product’s usage, plus reveals the drivers of that usage. This richer intelligence enables you to add value to your products at every stage of their lifecycle, from development to offer to support.

Data burdens lifted

Nousot Demand Forecasting is already packaged with the large-volume data that machine learning models need. Further, it can generate actionable forecasts using as little as one year of your internal data, and improve them immediately from there.

Future-ready product strategies

A demand forecast that’s automated and continuously updated is one that’s always available and current. It frees your resources to build better products and respond more quickly to market changes, rather than do all the repetitive math to get there.

Nousot can bring these product benefits to life at your organization.

Are your products ready for the demand that’s coming—or changing?

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