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With powerful features built into every product we offer, Nousot expertly handles the nuts and bolts of analytic modeling, freeing your talented resources for more creative and complex problem-solving.

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GlobalPulse solves one of the most commonly cited obstacles to advanced analytics: a lack of data. It is Nousot's built-in data ingestion engine, capturing 93K+ external data sets - and nearly infinite combinations of predictive variables - for consideration in every model. With GlobalPulse, Nousot models contain a data awareness never before possible. You'll spot drivers, trends, and impacts long before your competitors do.

Global Pulse

Our Analyzer

Comprehensive and accurate models are crucial, but not enough. You also need to know what the inflection points are and when they’re coming. Nousot’s analyzer identifies and presents the scope of impacts such as volatility, cyclicality, spikes, and key risks, so your models are always explainable and actionable.

Our Analyzer

Additional Features

Dynamic Modeling

Infinite forces are always shaping and re-shaping your business, so Nousot builds and re-builds your models. Its process is iterative: it builds a model and uses actuals as they come in to recognize, correct, and learn from mistakes at astonishing speed. Models improve their accuracy over time, so your model maintenance days are over.

Driver Analysis

Among hundreds of thousands of potential predictive variables, Nousot assesses each one in terms of its impact on your modeling target and on all other variables. It identifies and ranks your top drivers, including their influence and direction, so that you can discover not only the trends in your business but the reasons behind them.

Sensitivity Analysis

Nousot supports users in creative problem-solving. With our sensitivity analysis, you can simulate the impact of limitless factors on your business and visualize the results. Now you can plan for the unexpected, field all the what-ifs, and determine the possibilities for any direction your business may take.

The Interfaces

Nousot provides multiple interfaces for data scientists, data analysts, developers, and even professionals with no analytics training. You can interact with and explore all models and their results, track model performance, and access raw data for additional analysis. You can also access Nousot's secure API.

Global Pulse

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