Financial Analytics

Gain some quick wins for your members, your operations, and your brand with a suite of financial analytics solutions.

Banks, credit unions, insurers, investment firms, and other financial organizations: you’re working hard to assemble and analyze data in your efforts across multiple fronts: serving members, controlling costs, informing stakeholders, and satisfying regulators.

With Nousot’s automated financial analytics solutions, your data—rather than your team—can work harder and deliver more.

Now you can answer the questions you commonly ask, plus the ones you haven’t had time to tackle.

Nousot Predictive Analytics for Financial Institutions

Meet your goals for efficiency, risk, and growth

Nousot Financial Analytics is a group of automated predictive solutions. Use them individually or together to improve performance across products, functions, and teams.

Benefits of Nousot Financial Analytics

Technology ROI

Your tech environment is likely a combination of legacy systems, software subscriptions, third-party sources, and homegrown tools. Nousot Financial Analytics extracts value from the data in the technology investments that you’ve already made—it does not require new investments in talent, capital, or infrastructure.

Digital transformation support

Nousot can produce predictive models at scale, which lowers the cost of asking new questions. This means you can pilot digital products and services with less ramp-up time and less risk.

Data as a competitive asset

We build data strategy and governance into all our financial analytics solutions so that your data is strong competitive currency: available, accurate, complete, fast, and secure.

Product and market differentiation

With consumer loyalty more tenuous and financial products more commoditized, creating meaningful contrast in your brand is difficult. Nousot’s custom predictive models enable you to better understand your specific audiences, and serve them with your specific strengths.

You’re more ready to level up your analytics game than you might think.

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