Gain instant access to the external, macroeconomic data you need to enrich all your analyses

The KPIs that you care about are impacted by a myriad of events every day. Information about these events is packed into the world’s high-volume, ever-changing data. Traditionally developed models can’t keep up.

So we built GlobalPulse, which has infinite capacity to capture, observe, and update all the external data you need.

GlobalPulse is several things at once:

Nousot’s repository of varied data from the outside world.

It is a cache of both mainstream and alternative data that could have relevance to you now or in the future.

Fuel for our data science platform.​ ​

Our models train on GlobalPulse data, and our products come packaged with it.

A standalone product for you to use in your own models.

Via either API or an on-prem version, you can explore GlobalPulse’s thousands of data sets and track our forecasts of where they’re headed.

GlobalPulse at a Glance

No black boxes here.

GlobalPulse Benefits

High-quality, external data

GlobalPulse is tens of thousands of vetted, curated, organized, and packaged data sets, immediately available to you.

Savings across the board

GlobalPulse gives back the time, effort, and costs it takes your team to repetitively find, gather, and incorporate the right data sets for your models.

Data reliability

If you’re capturing external data on your own, you know the grind of verifying its relevance and timeliness, and weeding out old sources. GlobalPulse takes care of all that.


GlobalPulse is fully explorable, and its source data publicly available, so that you can see, explain, and test the drivers behind all the predictions that Nousot delivers.

Improved market intelligence

There is no substitute for your domain expertise. But GlobalPulse is a way to keep it current. It enables you to make new discoveries from the world’s data.

More accurate predictions

Nousot models have perfect observation across GlobalPulse’s 110K datasets. Humans have limited observation across a fraction of those.

​Nousot can bring these product benefits to life at your organization.

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