Market Potential

Find more customers for your products and services

Right now, determining your addressable market is a dark art that relies on assumptions, estimates, and widely varied data sources. You’re likely betting on potential customers by instinct without getting a true picture of your success rate.

Nousot Market Potential automates your market opportunity analysis. N​ow you can spend your resources capturing and serving the right customers rather than guessing about who they are.

How It Works

Nousot Market Potential is a data science machine that delivers a custom predictive model just for you, with little to no effort from your team. Here’s what it does:

Product Benefits

Nousot Market Potential

Data-driven sales and marketing

Nousot consumes and analyzes large volumes of moving, real-world data, plus all its history, in revealing your potential markets. Now you can know who’s really ready for your products and tailor your efforts to attract them.

Increased penetration rates

With a more precise understanding of your geographic markets, you can close the gaps in your sales performance. Customize products, tweak product mix, and hone sales strategies to consider unique environmental differences across potential customer groups.

Productive partner relationships

If you’re a retailer or manufacturer with a distributor and dealer network, you can activate that network like never before. Use Nousot Market Potential to develop partner scorecards, incentive programs, and feedback loops.

Competitive agility

Nousot equips you to not only know potential markets but predict them. With an autonomously updated model, you’ll be able to monitor market movement, spot emerging trends, anticipate impacts on your business, and act accordingly.

Nousot can help you bring your product benefits to life.

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