Pricing Optimization

Fine tune the flow of goods or services through your business to meet your sales, product, and inventory goals

In balancing customer demand, inventory, and your bottom line, pricing may be your most influential tool. But it’s also the most homework.

Nousot Pricing Optimization is like an automated team that handles the work of pricing for you—and delivers you dynamic price recommendations, plus options for discount cadences, tailored especially for your products.

Now you can pull the pricing levers that are best for your business, rather than guess at them.

How It Works

Nousot Pricing Optimization produces a custom pricing model for the products you need to know how to move. Here’s what it does:

Product Benefits

Nousot can help bring these product benefits to life at your organization.

Custom prices per product

Nousot Pricing Optimization doesn’t rely on static pricing strategies or buyer personas. It is always observing your products, calculating your customers’ propensity to buy them, and tailoring its pricing recommendations accordingly.

Inventory control

Which products do you want to move more quickly? Which are you willing to hold on to, and for how long? Where could you experiment with discounts without adverse brand impact? Nousot Pricing Optimization gives you the freedom to ask and answer these questions, and more.

Decision support, on demand

Pricing is one of the most resource-intensive efforts in industry today. Nousot provides you with all of the analysis to do it well, with little additional work from your team.

Business flexibility

Market conditions may change unpredictably, but with Nousot Pricing Optimization, you always know how to change with them to protect your growth goals.

Ready to master your pricing and inventory strategies?

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