Cloud-based, high-speed modelers-as-a-service

Nousot delivers forecast, cluster, propensity, and optimization analytics by automating the time-consuming, repetitive tasks they require.

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Our Products for Automated Intelligence

Nousot offers several types of autonomous modelers that work for you 24/7, helping you compete in today's data-rich environment. You can use each product individually, or combine them to build intelligence across all the moving parts of your business.


Predict future values and trends from a time series of observations. Gain visibility into any business or industry KPIs, including their drivers, over the near and long term, so that you can plan with deep foresight and precision.


Segment and define customers, products, employees, locations, or any groups that matter to your business. Develop multi-level, multi-purpose segmentation schemes so that you can tailor campaigns and treatments without waste.


Predict likely behaviors or events based upon observed characteristics and patterns. Discover the prospects and opportunities in your market so that you can develop right-time, right-place offers that convert.

Optimize (Beta)

Our Forecast, Cluster, and Propensity products together enable Optimize - a system of autonomous models working in coordination so that you can make the most of compound business objectives.

Introducing GlobalPulse

GlobalPulse is the high-volume data that makes Nousot's deep-learning models so powerful and precise - and we provide it to you along with any of our products.

GlobalPulse continuously collects, organizes, and updates more than 93K publicly available data sets, and we’re growing its reach every day. Currently it harnesses economic, industrial, financial, environmental, social, sentiment, and search data, and even geographic data down to the regional and local levels.

It is the most panoramic lens ever engineered into a business analytics solution. With GlobalPulse, you get the most perceptive, relevant models available today.

Automated Intelligence for Every Industry

For organizations in a wide range of industries, Nousot delivers accurate models within days of initial startup, and updates them within hours of each new data cycle.

  • Financial Services
  • High Tech
  • Insurance
  • Investment Funds
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Travel and Transportation
  • Logistics

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