A full-service data and analytics partner

Nousot delivers a comprehensive suite of data and analytics solutions and services. By designing, building, and implementing every data solution with our client’s desired outcome in mind, we drive measurable value across more business areas—from operations and sales to employee performance and customer satisfaction. We act as a virtual chief data officer, managing the process from start to finish, while providing counsel and education throughout.

our services

data strategy

We ask the right questions to gain a deeper understanding of our client’s business, then design a strategic roadmap to define and achieve specific, tangible goals.

platform modernization

We help our clients transition seamlessly from legacy infrastructure to a cloud-based data platform custom-built for their business case.

self-service analytics

We empower business users to move decisively by putting the insights they need at their fingertips, helping eliminate business’s dependency on IT.

advanced analytics

We utilize the full spectrum of data and analytics techniques—from reporting to predictive analytics to automated intelligence—to drive business automation and improve decision-making.

data governance

We equip organizations with the tools and guidance to use their data most effectively and realize the full value of company data as an asset.

capability outsourcing

Among other companies in our portfolio of partners, we work with The Cognition Group to assist our clients in building out their data teams.

Chris Gillespie


“Nousot offers dedication, quality work, and a genial attitude. We strive to be true partners with our clients, delivering the expertise and determination to accomplish their goals.


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