Our Services

​​Get predictive analytics that are a​ligned with your goals and actionable by your teams.

When it comes to predictive analytics, the end goal is to make smarter, faster decisions that fit your unique company.

Fit requires customization. We include professional services in all our predictive analytics projects so that we can tailor them precisely for you.

Predictive Analytics​ Planning

  • Analytics use case development and prioritization
  • KPI definition
  • Third-party data identification and collection
  • Data preparation and pipelining

Predictive Analytics​ Operationalization

  • Integration with decision processes
  • End-user training
  • Results collaboration
  • Change management

Automation Assessment

Looking to take manual steps out of your current data analytics rather than—or in addition to—building new predictive analytics? Nousot will evaluate the inputs, outputs, and results of your current reporting, and deliver a plan for automating them.

Nousot Delivery Models

Get up and running with predictive analytics using whatever partnership fits best with your goals, resources, and timeline:

Data Science as a Service

We’ll lead the design, development, testing, and implementation of your predictive models, ​leveraging our products and technology.

Analytics Management

We’ll support the models that you’ve built by stabilizing, enhancing, running, updating, and maintaining them on our engines, and delivering the results to you.

Data Augmentation

We’ll provide you with access to GlobalPulse​, plus​ help you identify and source any other third-party data, so that you can enrich the models you’re already using.

Capability Outsourcing

We’ll expand your team or fill your analytics gaps with data science talent and expertise.

Custom Predictive Model Development

In addition to our ​Market Potential​, ​Demand Forecasting,​ P​ricing Optimization,​ and Financial Analytics ​products, Nousot will work with you to build a custom model for whatever business target you want to improve with predictive intelligence.

Here are some of the ways you can approach a custom Nousot model:

Champion a new business case

Do you need a metric to boost decision-making, or do you have a market hypothesis to test?

Implement it. ​Nousot will collect all the relevant data, build a new model, produce your answers, and update them for you.

Surface a pending business case

Keeping a business case on the back burner until you expand your team or gather more resources?

Bring it up front. ​Nousot will deliver the intelligence you’re seeking without any new hires or infrastructure.

Challenge a current business case

Do you have a production model already performing well in delivering the KPIs and analytics you depend on?

Test it. ​Nousot will reveal the drivers, deliver the continuous learning, and perform at the speed that your model may be missing.

Improve an underperforming business case

Getting mixed or inconclusive results from a current model?

Fix it. ​Nousot will strengthen your model with external data and automated updates so that you can make decisions with appropriate confidence or caution.

R​eady for tailor-made analytics at your organization?

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