Luxury appliance manufacturer

Success Story

Home appliance leader automates new market discovery, and enables sales transformation

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The Client

Profile: ​U.S. pioneer, manufacturer, and innovator of luxury household appliances

Structure: P​rivately held

Year founded: 1​945

Yearly revenue: ​$500+ million

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Growing sales of superior-quality appliances from a premier brand

Expanding the market for high-end appliances is challenging in a B2B2C model. This iconic company maintains their peerless reputation and exceptional service by retailing their products only through authorized dealers — foregoing direct connections with customers.

Gut instinct about who your customers are will never give you actionable data on how much better you c​ould​ be doing.

This company wasn’t after technology. They were after a new organizational capability: proactive sales. They wanted to approach their dealer relationships armed with a current picture of their market penetration alongside real-time data on their addressable market potential across the U.S., to the ZIP level.

They were asking, whose dream kitchen aren’t we helping to build? And how can we partner with our dealers to attract and serve these consumers?

The Nousot solution:
Market Potential

Nousot and one of our professional services partners worked together with this client to customize and deliver a predictive Market Potential model to the executive sales team.

Client data used

Sales data for the previous 12 months

How we enrich it

Nousot Market Potential examines GlobalPulse together with client-supplied data, pinpoints the macroeconomic drivers of demand for luxury appliances across all U.S. counties, and monitors their movement over time. Our teams also worked with the client to identify the predictive variables that their sales analysts traditionally consider important.


An autonomous predictive model ​with market potential revealed as likely capture rates for all U.S. ZIPs. The model updates itself once per quarter, improving its accuracy in each cycle.

Heat map visualization​ of the client’s distributor and dealer locations along with corresponding data on actual and potential sales.

Priority ranking​ of potential markets according to distributors, dealers, and territories.


1 week ​

to source client and external data

8 hours ​

to produce an initial autonomous model

2 weeks

​to analyze results and iterate with the client

2 weeks ​

to validate the model for production use

Business outcomes

At-a-glance intelligence ​on sales performance versus sales potential

Identification of specific target geographies b​ased on real-world, moving data and its impacts—both current and upcoming—on the luxury appliance market

Predictive knowledge delivered quickly and updated often​ to suit this client’s culture of rapid piloting, testing, and improving

The foundation for data-driven dealer relationship programs and product marketing campaigns. “Build it and they will come” is a strategy that can work when your products are as stellar as this client’s. But relying on it long term leaves a dealer network ill-equipped, potential customers underserved, and sales on the table.

This client is using Nousot Market Potential to activate their dealer network with scorecards and incentives, and to fuel their sales and marketing engine with precise, location-based intelligence on consumers ready to buy.

The balance between understanding business practices and corralling ‘big data’ analytics was a success. Most successful businesses have one or the other, if they are lucky. The way the two were meshed together made for a better outcome.

—Client Sales Operations Manager

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