Nousot automates analytic modeling start-to-finish. It wrangles the data, builds the models, and updates them. No effort required.

Other solutions are tools for modelers

Nousot is the modeler

Nousot is your virtual partner, powered by artificial intelligence and deep learning to handle all the steps of core data science. It gathers and organizes the data, identifies the predictive variables, develops and validates the models, and refreshes and maintains them - all on its own.

This means that data scientists can focus on creative problem-solving rather than repetitive tasks, and organizations without data scientists can quickly scale their analytics maturity.

Other solutions use limited external data

Nousot uses virtually limitless external data

Nousot packages all the external data you'll ever need into each product we offer. GlobalPulse, our external data cache, continuously harnesses more than 93,000 data sets - including economic, industrial, financial, environmental, social, sentiment, and search data - for consideration in every model.

This means that Nousot mines hundreds of thousands of observations to find the real-world drivers that influence your business. Nousot models are the most perceptive and precise available today.

Other models lose predictive power over time

Nousot models actually gain predictive power

As Nousot works, it learns. Our AI/ML algorithms not only build models but continually strengthen them by breaking them down and rebuilding them with the latest data.

This means that your models will never deteriorate. They will only improve their accuracy with time - and with no incremental effort from your team.

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Whether predictive modeling is your core business or you’re just getting started, Nousot can dramatically improve your business analytics for a fraction of the traditional cost.

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